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1000 Blank White Cards

brought to you by internet tyrants and ne'er-do-wells!

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This community is for the purpose of bringing the game of 1000 Blank White Cards to the masses here in LiveJournal.

First conceived and created by Nathan McQuillan, many forms of the game were adapted from his original idea. As I heard the tale, he mistook a package labeled "1000 Blank White Cards" to say "The Game of 1000 Blank White Cards". Upon scrutiny, he realized his mistake but the notion had already taken hold. He took a bunch of 3 X 5 index cards, cut them in half and dispensed them among his friends to draw whatever they could think of on them. Then, they dealt the cards out and played them off of one another, creating new cards as they went along. More info available HERE. If there is an official site, I suppose THIS would be it.

Like the game itself, this forum is open to any and all takes on the subject. Any ideas, suggestions or recommendations for alternate playing styles or card configurations are openly welcomed. We encourage the scanning or reproduction of any cards that are particularly good. In the beginning, it was hoped there would be actual gameplay within the community. While this community was being neglected,
1000blankwhtcds and 1000blankcards were formed by others for that purpose. Personally, I would not mind playing here as well but none of these seem to stay active for long.

The object of 1K-BWC, as well as this community, is always constant: have fun.

For those in need of clarification: this community is for posting blank white cards, reading blank white cards, discussing blank white cards and even playing blank white cards. If you are a member with no intentions of sharing cards, spectators are appreciated and have no obligation to post if they don't want to. If you do not contribute but are merely looking to promote your personal website or anything else not associated with this community, you will not be welcome. For those of you who feel this statement is condescending and harsh, I sincerely urge you to grow up.
with love and squalor,


This open community is moderated by ethangrim. Any complaints, suggestions or comments can be sent directly to me via e-mail or left as a comment.
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